Growing concern among Stasi

After the discussion with lieutenant Kulas on 29-May, the Stasi secret service started an exchange of new thoughts on my case.

Little I knew within my prison cell, they started to express concern about my “hostile-negative behavior”.


A lieutenant-colonel Fischer asked his higher-ups whether the original reasons to reject my release to West Germany still needed to be followed.


Apparently the Stasi had decided not to release me to the West because my dad used to work for an important state firm and my brother was in the army.

Obviously my expressed hatred of the regime and my plans to continue to reject it, including public action, did indeed concern them. 

It was certainly a change in dynamics that I knew nothing about while this discussion was kicked off amid Stasi ranks.

6 months in vain

The West German Minister of Intra-German Relations responded to another of my friend’s letters.

Meanwhile I grew desperate and suspicious whether they would just release me back into the country.

That fear had driven me to vividly and unmistakably express my firm will to leave this country no matter the cost.


This had bought me another stint in solitary confinement.

At the time of this writing I fell seriously ill.

The uncertainty drove me crazy.



The letter states:

“Unfortunately there has been no willingness on the part of the GDR.

However we remain committed with the same intensity to support Mr. Thieme’s case."

The minister knows

A former girl friend and her parents (who went through the Stasi prison system as well) supported me vividly without me knowing.

They were incarcerated by the Stasi as well when they got caught in the act of fleeing the state.

My ex girl friend was 17 years of age when they tossed her into the clink.


After 17 months jail time they got ransomed by the West German Minister of Intra-German Relations through the West German government’s program to free political prisoners in communist East Germany.

They turned to this minister for help.

Apparently he was already aware.



I never found out who pointed the West German government to my case after my imprisonment.

But I am surely grateful as hell for anyone who fought for me while I was locked away.

From this encounter the Minister of Intra-German Relations and my friends started an ongoing dialogue.


On top my friends engaged in discussions with the lawyers on the West German side to try to have me released for bail.

It remains unclear which of the measures by my friends and the lawyers finally supported my case best.

And it doesn’t really matter as every single action helped.


In this letter the West German Minister of Intra-German Relations states that they have known about my situation and are trying everything in their power to influence the East German government.

However, their evaluation of the situation looked grim as the East was not ready to move.

They close their letter with a strong notion of care and secrecy.