NAUMBURG! Naumburg?!??

This is 30 minutes away!

By regular train that is.


We are 4.

4 new ones.

‘Greeted’ by an officer.

JVA, JustizVollzugsAnstalt Naumburg 1985.

JVA, JustizVollzugsAnstalt Naumburg 1985.


I just lost my name.

We’re supposed to respond with: ‘SG 1240’.

SG stands for ‘Strafgefangener’, prisoner.

Plus ‘my' number.


When addressing an officer we’re supposed to start the sentence with: ‘SG 1240’.

This is an open prison thank god: locked building, move freely inside.

I have no way of telling how big this place is.

After more rules they let us in.

Will keep my civil clothes for one more night.

It’s too late for whatever the hell they got to do with newbies.

I’m too hungry, too exhausted to understand what it means to be in Naumburg.

Two slices of hard bred with lard and salt.

My first food in almost a week.