I made it!

Fuck you GDR!


My arm hurts like hell.

My teeth do too.

Open wounds.


Days before I had decided to leave, a dentist friend had drilled open 5 teeth to remove cavity.

“We’ll keep them open for a couple of days before filling them in the next session, to relax them.”

It never came to it.

At the Stasi pre-trial jail they wouldn’t treat it: “It has to wait until after your transfer.”


“Well, they already start decaying because the holes were open for too long. We need to pull them out.”

“No way in hell you’re pulling out my teeth! Is there no regular treatment?”

“Extraction is the only treatment. Take it or leave it.”


I won’t leave my teeth in here!

Someone gave me some dried cloves.

They’ll last for a couple of weeks I hope.