The weekend is almost over.

Have to go back to solitary confinement later.

It was great to hang out with the boys and get stuffed with nice food.


The mood is awful though as the transports have not picked up again.

There were high hopes that the state would “celebrate” their birthday with a special “gift”.

The gift of freedom to some of us, being called out and transported to the land of their dreams.


The papers are packed with celebratory notes and praises from within and the geo-political allies.

The Soviet Union being most outspoken, congratulating for the successful defense against the aggressive, imperialistic West.

Honecker’s speech however made me most angry again at the reception in his “Palace of the Republic” one day after the anniversary:


"If you ask citizens of the GDR why they feel so closely connected to their socialist fatherland, then there will be a variety of answers. Above all, they will say that for the first time in history there is a state on German soil, in which the people are the measure of all things. This state guarantees freedom, democracy, full employment and social security. It ensures high education for all and desirable perspectives for the youth …”

The boys only got their pile of newspapers yesterday.

I red it earlier this week with a chance to calm down.

There was a lot of anger and frustration in the cell.

Meanwhile however everyone points their attention to the next transport.

And to the week ahead in the dark, dull, noisy factory.

Not for me: I’ll study some more newspapers.

If you want to win the upper hand against your enemies: you better know them well.

I am past the anger and frustration when reading the communist party’s lies in the only newspaper we get.

If there is a need and chance in future to argue with Stasi people again: I want to give them some of their own medicine.