Another weekend.

More pain in my lower right arm.

More black tea and black tobacco cigarettes.


Matthias and I bought a large pack of Darjeeling.

We’re running low on cash so we also bought a stash of shag for rollies.

Our purchase decisions make sense and I like having a partner to share stuff with.


Thursday was a dark day for us.

Nobody was called out of the cell for transport.

We were the only ‘dry’ cell this week on the entire floor.


We daydream a lot on those days.

“What will you do first when you are in the West?”

“Find a job of course and then travel on every weekend.”


“Buy a ticket for Schalke.”

“Open air festivals.”



Of course we have no idea.

Of course we know that this will be a tough new life.

But dreaming helps to cope with the frustration that nobody was called out.


I master my chess game now.

Unbeaten in the last 20 matches.

It’s great for networking and to stay sharp.


I repeat the 1984 world cup Kasparow v Karpow matches.

It’s the only section that is probably not fabricated in the papers.

There is a true chess champion one story below us they say: unbeaten in a year.