Decision time or doomsday?

Quiet all day.

They simply dropped the food.

Two slices of old, hard bread with lard.


Wondering about a lot of things: why no dark arrest again?

Why am I still here while most bailouts happen within 2/3 of total time?

What are they trying with that ridiculous book keeping fabrication at my old store?


Will they punish me for yesterday’s letter?

I can’t be the first and only guy threatening to make a public fuzz about my case.

Is this my ticket out or did I set myself and my family up for a heap of repression?



Using the time now to create action plans for the release day.

I should definitively act instantly, right here in this town.

Must find something with big exposure.


They will shadow me after release.

Maybe they would even drive me home.

But the can’t keep me away from my network.


Or they want to avoid the publicity.

They might bury the idea to threaten my friends by releasing me back.

Who will weigh those options and how will they decide and when I wonder.