Is this the day?

“SG 1240: pack your things.”



There he stands, the guard, in the door, all of us ready to leave for work and he speaks the sentence.

The sentence I have been dreaming about, yearning for, wanting so much.

Is this a horrible trick or another ugly development?


The comrades have a huge grin on their faces.

They fall into my arms in big relieve.

My mind is kicked in.


All of a sudden it feels as if I am standing in a bubble.

Outside a lot of movement, noises I can’t make out.

The guard rushing me to get out the door.


That cell door that kept my dreams, hopes and wishes contained.

A last turn to fetch my only three allowed pictures of my family.

Last hug from my very dear friends, some crying.


Can this be happening?

Is this the real thing?

Will I be free at last?