Kudos to the Christmas shoppers

It’s been a boring week with everyone at work during the days.

The mood fell quite foul Thursday as there were no transports at all.

We know from old-timers that there won’t be any well into the new year.


First day of ‘vacation’ today as the factories will remain closed for two weeks.

Been really busy organizing for the Christmas meals and crafting bro gifts.

It’s quite funny and interesting to come up with something from nothing.


Some chess games today in between planning Christmas lunch and dinner.

It’s amazing what and how much our families schlepped here.

Must have been queuing the few fine, expensive stores.


While going through the stock and the planning we are rather sensitive with our friends without family and food.

Today we started to dine in the big group, the bro concept is abandoned now.

I love this Christmas spirited change, we are becoming family.