3:30 wakeup alarm as always.

Getting ready for work.

Door flies open.


“SG 1178, pack your stuff.”

Matthias looks at me - pale.

He starts shaking  - and faints.


“Buddy - You have it made! You’re going to the West!”

This is the biggest relieve for everybody in here.

“I hope my wife is packing right now too.”


We are sure she is.

All feedback from similar stories confirms it.

Families serve longer, suffer more but are released together.


Matthias is a nerveous wreck.

Wants to clean out his locker.

“What are you doing? LEAVE!”


Quick hug for everyone.

Big hug for me.

Door opens.



My bro.

He made it!



The day passes by like wind.

Daydreaming about our release day.

How will it feel, how will that day progress?


I don’t even feel the pain today.

Thinking about Matthias’ bus ride across the border.

Tomorrow I will submit my official emigration application.