Lieutenant Kulas - Stasi Gubernator

Not many comrades have met him in person.

The ones who have tell grim stories.

Stasi Lieutenant Kulas.


He is the big cheese here.

Some got badly beat up by him.

Some got interrogated by him for 48 hours.


Kulas is the Gubernator for the communist party and the major Stasi executor.

A bear of stature he is called the iron maiden of Naumburg.

A demoted former major it’s rumored.


My campaign peaks today.

With a letter to HIM.

Lieutenant Kulas.



Titled “Rejection of re-integration.”

...I vehemently reject any effort for re-integration…

…as a free citizen of the free world, independent from this dictatorship…”


I just handed it to a guard.

Two minutes later four guards pick me up.

Across the compound, straight to solitary confinement.


I guess I won’t go to work for these bastards for a while.

I guess I will have some new experiences now.

Four months left on my term now.


If need be: I’ll walk out on August 13 and straight back in.

If need be I’ll take my story to the streets on that memorable day.

If need be I’ll triple my sentence that way but I will never, ever return.


Mother offered to fight it through after release together.

As a family, as a tribe, as long as it takes to get a ticket out.

“I will break your heart now mom: I will never come back in a million years!”


It didn’t break her heart.

It made her lift her face and say with the strongest voice:

“Fight any way you know to fight, we are with you all the way!”