Sick to the bone

I’ve been sick as a dog.

Started day before yesterday.

No idea what’s wrong with me though.


There are no interrogations, no appointments, nothing.

Just me in solitary confinement all alone with 2 slices of lard bread for a meal.

Woke with fever several times during the night, the whole body is aking and shaking all day.



It can’t be the food.

It’s horrible but I’m used to it by now.

Can’t be the mental stress with the fever and the shaking.


Asked the guard for help.

They’re ignoring me.

Quiet outside.


Is this in response to my threats?

Is this trying to send a message?

Is this Lt. Kulas way to say hello?


I have no energy at all.

Sitting up let’s the room spin.

Nightmares and hallucinations all day.


Is this how it all ends?

Is this how they will show me my place?

Is this my 'bus ride’ that they reserved for me?