Something way worse to come?

Still in solitary confinement.

No interrogations, no feedback, nothing.

Will they keep me locked in here until the release date?


What about my threats though?

I will make them happen.

They must know that.


But who am I to beat a whole regime at their game.

They’ll just let me execute my plans and put me back in.

This time I might look at 4-5 years depending on the course of action.


The nuclear power plant accident keeps worrying me.

Weird article in one of the papers, not sure what to make of it.

Whenever they bark back in this manner on the state paper’s title page, something is up.


“Certain circles make attempts to exploit what happened ... In propagandistic way rumors and inventions are circulated, which are contrary to basic moral and ethics. For example, the tale of thousands of victims, a panic among the population and so on ... Any normal person understands that Schadenfreude is a disgusting attitude about a disaster …”



So, if nothing happened, why the fuss?

On a global scale in such a generic fashion?

To me this can only mean the opposite of what they portrait.


It must be a global catastrophe with far reaching impact.

Is this the reason for the silent treatment?

Are they preparing internment camps?