Spring leafs

It’s getting better.

I was sick for a week.

Nobody talked to me.


I’m able to read again.

Caught up with the news.

The usual communist crap.


Honecker re-elected.

His whole gang of lunatics too.

Gorbachev congratulated of course.


In fact the whole world congratulated.

Honecker the hero and his party the only true option of peace in the world.

This concludes the party’s congress and prepares for more crap come May 1st.


Actually, the whole week’s worth of newspaper is packed with self praise.

Every single article is about the greatness of everything.

As if I wasn’t sick enough.


29-April, page 5, small article, 8 lines, 5 sentences:

“An accident occurred in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in Ukraine. 

One of the nuclear reactors was damaged. There are measures to remedy the consequences…”


30-April, cover page, two casualties.

Wondering if this is true or if it’s a military accident.

1-May, pushed to second page, radio activity dropped by 50%.


Next day’s news: US commission that investigates the accident is “over exaggerating”.

The Soviet claims that only two people had died, were hardly credible according to the US commission.

The Soviets countered: "at least more credible than unconfirmed reports, with thousands of casualties…”.


Why are they making such a fuss I wonder.

There might be more news to come.

But way more to remain hidden.


Rudolf managed to call into my cell window from the other building.

He must have bribed someone from the criminals to get two stories up.

Could only see his arm and hand reaching behind the bolt-on window shield.


“The leafs are THAT big” he yelled.

He was able to see a tree from the other side.

Tried to lift my spirit after he heard about the sickness.


Spring should mean the joy of life.

New beginnings.

New hope.

Background Developments:

My friends continued to work with the West German government for my release into the West. They were still not hopeful but remained committed.