Stupid money

172 Marks.

That’s my entire ‘salary’.

And I’m supposed to spend it all.


They tell me that I can’t take anything out here though.

“So, how much time will I have to consume it all?”

“Officially your sentence ends 13-August.”


Wow, I’m with stupid.

“So, what happens when I leave before?”

“I’m not supposed to give you an answer to that.”


Ok, giving up.

Bought 20 packs of cigarettes and dozens of packs of cookies.

When we came back to our cell we tossed everything into a locker for everyone to take whatever they wanted.


A first act of absolute ease and freedom.

A playful way of not caring anymore.

Don’t have to care anymore.


So we all hope.

There are some rumors.

Of guys still heading out the wrong door.


‘Can’t be’, telling this to myself all day.

Started signing some papers in the afternoon.

An old photographer who stank of garlic and booz.


Haven’t smelled that in 1.5 years.

We declined the ‘free walk’ in the walled prison yard.


Soon we’ll have the entire planet to walk on, any way we chose.