More lies and painful silence

No word on anything still.

My worries are growing that they will just let me rot in solitary confinement until the release day.

I understand, this way I won’t be able to communicate with anyone who might be put onto transport to the West.


Meanwhile the lawyers might be alert though.

Last visit with my parents didn’t happen, next one might be axed too.

Maybe that’s a chance for added exposure among the negotiators from both countries?


No word in the papers about the nuclear accident in days.

15-May: half of the cover page is filled with a Gorbachev statement.

A lot of press for something that wasn’t anything big to be worried about.



“Many victims” all of a sudden.

“Major catastrophe that we never encountered” I read.

Still, 2 immediate fatalities and seven died later, 299 hospitalized with radiation.


Nothing adds up here.

The exposure, the terminology and the numbers don’t match.

I expect thousands of dead people and a huge cover up like always with the Russians.


Wondering how far it reached.

What is going on outside?

Why all the silence? 


Keeping occupied with self invented games and reading the papers five times.

Running up to the major elections in June every company, every city file exceeded results.

For the past 40 years every plan was exceeded and the country continues to beat expectations.


Easy ammunition for someone like me in politically charged interrogations.

Killer counter by the interrogators: “You cannot know the truth, you are brain washed by Western media.”

If they don’t release me to the West I will make it my cause to uncover all those lies until they toss me back into the clink.