The heat is on! The final campaign.

No communication.

No follow-up on that weird visit.

Everything about it is fishy and strange.


Starting the final campaign now.

They didn’t want to listen thus far:

I’ll be loud as hell about my disgust.


It’s been a year in four days.

They seem to prepare a release back home.

Supported by a fabricated criminal case that is bleeding lies.


Establishing an example to put everyone else in line.

They might just as well target my entire network, my social sphere:

Nothing they hate more than the Punk scene in Leipzig.


We are way more left than they could ever be and we are unbreakable!

Take one: Writing a letter to my folks which will never arrive.

Packing all my hatred and rage against the regime into it.



“Since my emigration petition was obviously misunderstood I will have to reaffirm it in the next days, colourfully demonstrating my deepest hatred of this regime…

…they seem to have missed the point that I, the anti-communist, will unveil my attitude against that system in any way possible…

…my patience draws to an end...I know now what it means to truly hate…the three letters GDR make me sick…"


Also elaborating on the official release date:

13-August, they put that horrific wall up exactly 25 years ago.

I will use that exact day to make them regret to open that gate into the wrong direction!