Human focus

Catching up with the news from those past 10 days in the box over the weekend.

"GDR sends greetings to XI. congress of the communist party of San Marino."

"US space shuttle, Challenger explodes shortly after launch."

"Solidarity with communists in Panama."

"Pinochet Bans thousand opponents."

"Bribery scandal in West Berlin."


A news article from my 2nd day in the arrest cell:

Communist party focus workshops 40th anniversary.

The headline reads: "The focus is always the human being”.


“... close ties with all classes and levels of the people have matured over the past four decades … to continuously strengthen relationship of trust between the party and the people remains a fundamental condition for the political stability and economic dynamism and to new successes in the struggle for peace and socialism ….”


“... that man always stands in the center with his work, his abilities, interests and needs …"

Back to work today.

Forman is quiet and behaved.

Did he in fact get into trouble too?

Got to stick to this until the end of the month.

Need to see my folks and learn about the lawyers progress.

And if there are no signs: well, time for some change in tone and approach then.