Sitting on that metal stool for hours.

Picking metal hinges from a big box to my left.

Sorting out flawed pieces and toss the good ones to my right.



That stupid foreman gave me a funny look in the morning.

I know why by mid day: ‘forgot’ my break again.

Hungry and angry all day.


“You want to pick a fight with me?”

“Don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Talking about your obligation to let me piss and eat!”


“Maybe you are angry because you pissed in your pants already.”

“I’m not even talking to you.”



On the way out he’s in my way and pushes me into the steal door.

The guards didn’t notice, so when I hit back they will then.

I need a break from this shit, tomorrow I’ll quit!


Not quite sure what will happen to me.

But I can’t put up with this any longer.

Or I’ll eat that moron for breakfast.