The 11th

I made 1’500 pieces yesterday.

My lower right arm hurts.

Thank god it’s weekend.


Saturday is newspaper day.

Neues Deutschland is the only one we get.

An incomplete selection of this week’s issues.


Hiroshima and peace occupy most headlines.

All Western states are asked to follow the GDR's lead.

The Nagasaki anniversary echoes the demands to stop all evil.


We debate the “peaceful actions” of the state at length:

Current support of Salvadorian Farabundo Marti which promotes violence.

The soviet lead 1953 strikes suppression with hundreds killed and more than a 100 executed in the aftermath.


Unemployment in all Western countries is denounced as every month.

USA 8.5mio, West Germany 2.2mio, UK 3.2mio and so on.

Bravo: forced labor of political prisoners over here!


Pinochet fires his police chief general Cesar Mendoza.

A Delta flight crashes and leaves 131 dead.

And, oh yeah: the 11th next year!


The "11th Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany” in April is coming up.

The papers are full with pep talk and success stories.

Everyone applaud!


The party reports about the people’s movement to prepare the congress.

It’s quite  funny that nobody in here knows anybody who participates.

“The planned goals for July were completely met or exceeded.”

What a great country!