The eat threat

Stomach ache all night.
Weird, wild dreams during the short sleeping spells.

Original prison clothes for Stasi pre-trial prisoners.

Original prison clothes for Stasi pre-trial prisoners.

I’m not sure how to approach Schubert.

Do I have to be afraid?
What do I want?
I can’t think.

There is a different officer today.
Old, experienced, rough guy.
He introduces himself:
“Mr Schubert.”
Yeah, right!

First order of business:
“If you don’t eat we will force you.”

Then he explains the process:
"We establish the whole story.
And what led you to engage in crime.”
“What crime?”
“That you threaten the state and society.”
“And how did I do that?”
“We will establish that.”

Where is this going?

He continues where Baby Schubert left off.
At age 10. Family circumstances.
I give hime little snippets.

Then he threatens me:
“We are civilized as long as you cooperate with this process.”

Ah - this is why he is here today:
Baby Schubert came crying and now Bully Schubert puts me into place so Baby Schubert can do his boring, useless job.

So be it.
I’m too tired.
And afraid of Bully Schubert.
He’s 6.2ft at least and double my weight.

And I have no ideas what goes on in here.
I never knew anybody outside who went through this.
Feels kind of rough not to know what’s 'in the basement’.

“Will you eat?”