Window to a free world


The papers are full of praise.

The Leipzig Trade Fair is up; one of the oldest and largest worldwide.

The regime paints a ridiculous picture of technology advancements and economic success.


It takes place twice a year and the exposure to Western folks and perspectives is a big bonus in this town.

The smells, the friendliness of Western companies booth staff, the progress.

“Window to the world” the regime exclaims.

Window to escape this system of lies and suppression is how many people see it.

There are some political prisoners in here who tried to use it for escape.

In the container of the booth material or in limousine trunks.

I used to work with my dad at the trade fair.

Building booths he invited me to help during vacation.

Small pay but I learned some crafts and the atmosphere was great.

Miss my dad’s calmness and sense of humor.

Miss my mom taking care of a good home.

Miss my brother and friends a lot.

It will be a year next month.

No transports in two weeks.

Everyone is worried again.

I saw guys being freed after 1/3 of their time, some way later.

On average though 2/3 of sentence time is the mark to be called out.

With my 16 month sentence that would mean I could be a lucky one in just weeks.

I trust that my folks work the lawyers.

Let’s hope the transports kick off again.

Growing angry against the forced labor again.

I’ll wait for my folks’ next visit.

News from the lawyers.

Then I’ll strike.